Delio Vasquez

TitlePhd Student
DivisionHumanities Division
DepartmentFeminist Studies Department,
History of Consciousness Department,
Politics Department
OfficeHumanities 432
Campus Mail StopHistory Of Consciousness

Research Interests

I study forms of political resistance among the poor that are often relegated to the margins of legitimacy, if not outright designated as criminal (eg. clandestine theft in the workplace, riots, welfare fraud, gang activity, and revolutionary crime), and serve materially and affectively to maintain the well-being of the population in question---as opposed to forms of resistance that function instead as forms of protest.  I am interested in ways that people ideologically and cognitively process their relationship to their own criminality.  I look at how statist, modern, and liberal theories of political resistance obfuscate/narrativize the ways that subjugated populations engage in political contestation.  I draw from Marxist social history, anarchist theory, feminist epistemology, and radical approaches to empiricism.  My subjects of study include the Black Liberation Army/Black Panther Party, welfare fraud as engaged in by poor women, and youth gangs in Chicago and elsewhere.  My work draws from political history and political present but is primarily theoretical, as my aim is to describe these events and especially the frames of thought that engender them with the ultimate goal of trying to lend a sympathetic ear to their political value.

Biography, Education and Training

Selected Publications

The Poor Person’s Defense of Riots: Practical Looting, Rational Riots, and the Shortcomings of Black Liberalism.” Taking Sides: Revolutionary Solidarity and the Poverty of Liberalism.  Ed. Cindy Milstein. 2015.

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Selected Presentations