Justin Thomas Gilmore

TitleGraduate Student
DivisionHumanities Division
DepartmentHistory of Consciousness Department
AffiliationsPolitics Department,
Sociology Department
Phone831-459-2757 (Histcon Office)
OfficeRoom 415, Humanities 1 Bldg,
UC Santa Cruz
Campus Mail StopHistory Of Consciousness
Justin Thomas Gilmore

Research Interests

The Politics of Failure and Betrayal, Social Death, Political Philosophy, Political Economy, Marxism, The Frankfurt School, Social Movement Theory, 20th Century Labour Movement, Affect Theory, Feminist Theory, Neoliberalism, Anti-Colonial Histories, Feminist Standpoint Theories, Political Agency, Sovereignty and Non-Sovereignty, Surplus Population, Necropolitics, Walter Benjamin.

Biography, Education and Training

  • MA, Political Science (Concentration in Political Theory), San Francisco State University

  • BA, Feminist Studies, UC Santa Cruz

  • BA, Politics, UC Santa Cruz

Honors, Awards and Grants

  • Eugene V. Cota-Robles Fellowship, 2014, University of California Santa Cruz

  • Matthew Stolz Political Science Fellowship, 2013, San Francisco State University

  • Graduate Equity Fellowship, 2013 & 2012, San Francisco State University

Teaching Interests

  • Early Modern Political Philosophy

  • Modern Political Philosophy 

  • Contemporary Political Philosophy 

  • Western/Cultural Marxisms