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Need server access?  Contact Humanities Computing

Have access? Connect to your server directory via:

MacOSX AFP SFTP (Cyberduck)  

AFP (Apple File Protocol) for Mac OSX
For connecting to

On campus, you will need to have an ethernet connection.

Off-campus, both ethernet and wireless will work.

1. From your desktop, click on "Go" > "Connect to Server..."


2. In the "Server Address" box, enter "afp://" and click the "Connect" button

screenshop of MacOSX AFP dialog

3. A "Connect to Server" dialog will appear, and you will need to enter your CruzID Blue credentials. Type in the first half of your UCSC email address (i.e.: "jeo" instead of as your username. Then type in your Blue password.

screenshop of MacOSX AFP dialog

3. A "Select the volumes to mount" dialog will appear- scroll down if necessary to select the directory you want. The volume with your CruzID puts you in your personal Frodo user directory.

screenshop of MacOSX AFP dialog

4. In a finder window, you will see Frodo listed in the left navigation under the "Shared" section. In the right content area, you will see a list of directories which are your user files on Frodo.

When you are done accessing the server and files, click on the eject icon in the left nav bar - or drag the desktop drive icon (named with your Cruz ID) into the trash. Either of these will safely disconnect the server.

screenshot of AFP dialog

SFTP for Mac OSX

to use SFTP you must first request SFTP access by emailing
Cyberduck SFTP software is free and open source. You can use it on or off-campus. 

Note: SFTP logins will fail until you first contact Humanities Computing to request SFTP access.

Download Cyberduck for MacOSX

  Connection   SFTP
  Server Address
  Path (folder location)   /Volumes/Data/NetUsers/username/
  FTP Login   your CruzID (first part of your email address)
  FTP Password   your CruzID Blue password




SFTP for Windows (off-campus)

to use SFTP you must first request SFTP access by emailing

SMB (for Windows) is blocked by the campus Firewall. SFTP tools are available for free. FileZilla is the campus supported SFTP client for Windows and it is pre-installed on the Standard Desktop Support (SDS) standard Windows image.  

filezilla logo
Download FileZilla

If you have not changed your frodo password from the temporary one, please change your password on aMac or contact Humanities Computing to have it manually set for you. SFTP logins will fail until you have done an initial password reset.

If for any reason you prefer to use SFTP on a Mac, Fugu is the campus standard and is pre-installed on Humanities MacOSX computers.

  Connection   SFTP
  Server Address
  Folder (Path)   /Volumes/Data/Users3/username/
  FTP Login   your humanities username (first part of your email address)
  FTP Password   your frodo password