Entertainment Reporting and Processing

Entertainment Guidelines

An entertainment event expense is incurred when meals, light refreshments and/or related goods and services are purchased using University funds in connection with a social or recreational activity, business meeting or other event.

Expenses may be paid directly to a vendor, recharged, or reimbursed out of pocket. 

View the Humanities Division Entertainment Authorization Matrix to see a list of division-wide Event Order Approvers (EOA) or Event Expense Certifiers (EEC).

  • Business meetings
  • Programmatic activity
  • Recruitment
  • Per person max rate: $26 Breakfast; $45 Lunch; $78 Dinner; Light refreshments $18
Allowable but restricted. Requires top-level approval (Dean) and you cannot use 19900 funds:
  • Employee morale
  • Alcohol served
  • Tickets or cash contributions
  • Spouse/partner/family invited
  • Per-person max rates exceeded
Never allowed:
  • Political campaign expense
  • Restricted fund source
  • Taxable income to an employee
  • Personal use
  • Employee morale event that occurs frequently/regularly
  • Meetings held outside typical business hours that could be held during business hours
  • Birthdays, anniversaries, etc. 
  • Farewell gathering for employee leaving for another UC
  • Farewell gathering less < 5 years at UCSC

Campus Entertainment Expense Guides - view for more detailed definitions of Entertainment

Entertainment FAQ

Do I have to submit an ERF?
Entertainment reporting policies require the approval from an EEC on every Entertainment-related expenditure. Chairs are the EEC for the departments, and the Finance Director and Assistant Dean are the EEC for the Division. If you submit a catering recharge, it goes through CruzBuy, and Chairs do not have CruzBuy approval, therefore they must approve through an Entertainment Reporting Form --attach the ERF with approvals to the requisition. 

Is my year-end event a programmatic event or an employee-morale event?
A programmatic event is not a top-level event and does not require the dean's approval. An employee-morale event is a top-level event and does require dean's approval. To determine which category your event falls under look at your audience. If the majority of your guests are students it's a programmatic event. If the majority of your guests are faculty/staff it's employee-morale. Employee morale events are approved as long as they are not frequently recurring e.g. greater than every 30 days.

Can I use 19900 funds for my event?
You cannot use 19900 funds for employee-morale events or for events that serve alcohol. You can split off the alcohol-related expenses using a non-19900 FOAPAL.

How do I get the Dean's Approval?
If your event requires top-level approval, you can either attach the ERF in an email with request for signature to humdean@ucsc.edu or drop off your paperwork at the Dean's Office front desk and pick it up the next day.

Please provide the following information in the email or as a cover sheet: Subject: Top-level approval needed. Email body: Summarize why it's top level e.g. I am requesting top-level approval because there is alcohol served.