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Gopal Balakrishnan
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    • Professor
  • Division Humanities Division
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    • History of Consciousness Department
    • Humanities Division
  • Affiliations Stevenson College
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    831-459-1924, 831-459-4650
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    • Humanities Building 1, Humanities I, Rm. 434
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Research Interests

Classics of political thought from Plato to Rousseau; early modern and modern European intellectual history; historical sociology; the history and future of capitalism, nationalism, geopolitics.

Biography, Education and Training

Gopal Balakrishnan did his PhD in modern European intellectual history at UCLA. He was a Jean Monnet Fellow at the European University Institute (2000) and a Harper Schmidt Assistant Professor at the University of Chicago (2001-2005). While working towards his degree he co-edited a collection of essays with Benedict Anderson, entitled Mapping the Nation (1995). Balakrishnan subsequently joined the board of the New Left Review and has been a regular contributor of this journal since then. He is the author of The Enemy (2000), a comprehensive, critical reconstruction and contextualization of the entire oeuvre of Carl Schmitt, Debating Empire (2003), Antagonistics (2008) and is close to completing a two volume study on the writings of Marx from his dissertation on Greek philosophy to Capital. Balakrishnan teaches seminars in classical political thought, philosophy from Plato to Heidegger, history, historical sociology, Marxism and critical theory.

Selected Publications

  • 2014-15 'Tha Abolitionist' pt.I and II, New Left Review 2014-15
  • 2010 'The Geopolitics of Separation' New Left Review 2011
  • 2009 'The Coming Contradiction' New Left Review 66
  • 2009 'Sermons on the Present Age', New Left Reiew 61
  • 2009 'Speculations on the Stationary State', New Left Review 59
  • 2009 Antagonistics: Capitalism and Power in an Age of War (London: Verso).
  • 2000 The Enemy: An Intellectual Portrait of Carl Schmitt (London: Verso). French translation (with a new preface), L'Ennemi, Portrait intellectuel de Carl Schmitt (Paris: Editions Amsterdam).
  • 2003 Debating Empire (London: Verso).
  • 1996 Mapping the Nation (London, Verso). Portuguese translation, Mapa Questao Nacional (Sao Paolo: Contrapunto).
  • 2003 "Introduction," in Gopal Balakrishnan, ed., Debating Empire (London: Verso), vii-xix.
  • 2005 "States of War," New Left Review 36 (Nov-Dec).
  • 2005 "Future Unknown: Machiavelli for the 21st Century," New Left Review 32 (March-April). Spanish translation: "Futuro desconocido," New Left Review in Spanish, 2006.
  • 2004 "The Age of Warring States," New Left Review 26 (March-April). Spanish translation: "La era de los estados combatientes," New Left Review in Spanish, 2004.
  • 2003 "The Algorithms of War," New Left Review 23 (Sept-Oct).
  • 2003 "Overcoming Emancipation," New Left Review 19 (Jan-Feb). German translation: "Habermas," Sozialistiche Heft 4.
  • 2002 "The Age of Identity," New Left Review 16 (July-Aug). Turkish translation: "Kimlik Cagi mi?," New Left Review in Turkish, 2004.
  • 2002 "The Oracle of Post-Democracy," New Left Review 13 (Jan-Feb).
  • 2001 "The Politics of Piety," New Left Review 7 (Jan-Feb).
  • 2000 "Virgilian Visions," New Left Review 5 (July-Aug).
  • 2000 "From Florence to Moscow," New Left Review 3 (May-June).
  • 2000 "Two on the Marble Cliffs," New Left Review 1 (Jan-Feb).
  • 1995 "The National Imagination," New Left Review (May).
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