Satyajit Ray Honorary Fund

Funds to restore the Ray original master negatives, provide public access to Ray’s works for educational purposes and undertake fundraising campaign.

Satyajit Ray was a filmmaker born in India in 1921. He earned a degree in science and economics from Calcutta University, then attended the Tagore’s University art school, Kala Bhavan; however he did not complete his degree there. Ray’s first movie, Pather Panchali (1955), won several international awards, and was the beginning of his career as a world class director. He went on to create 37 films and documentaries as well as write several books and articles.

The Satyajit Ray Honorary Fund was founded in 1993 to acquire, preserve, and provide scholarly access to Ray’s films, papers, books, and artwork. Please visit the The Satyajit Ray Film and Study Center (Ray FASC) website for more information on the collection.