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Gabriel Salomon Mindel

Research Interests

Research areas include sound studes; critical geography; visual culture and art theory; histories of social movements; queer theory; performance studies; anarchisms; feminisms; political ecology; affect theory; poetics; esoteric studies; critical race and indigenous studies.

Biography, Education and Training

Gabriel Saloman Mindel is an interdisciplinary artist and scholar, and a Ph.D. Candidate in the History of Consciousness Department at the University of California, Santa Cruz. His research considers ways that people both produce and struggle for space using sound to extend beyond the limits of their bodies, particularly in formal and informal modes of protest. In additon to his scholarship he has spent nearly two decades exhibiting artwork, performing improvised music and composing for dance and film. He received an MFA from Simon Fraser University. 

Honors, Awards and Grants

  • Multi-Campus Graduate Working Group, University of California Humanities Research Institute, USA | "Counter-Production: Noise as Critical Research in Sound Studies" | 2017-2018
  • Center for Archival Research & Training (CART) Fellowship, UC Santa Cruz, USA | 2017-2018
  • Teaching Assistant Award, UC Santa Cruz, USA | 2017
  • Regents Fellowship, University of California, USA | 2017


Selected Publications


Selected Presentations

  • 2018 |  A Tradition of Free and Odious Utterance: Sacred Noise and Free Speech in Steve Waters’ Temple; panelist, Breaking Through: Textures and Aesthetics of Rupture, CUNY Graduate Center, New York City, USA
  • 2017 |  Feedback: A Brief History of Noise; presentation, History of Electronic Music, UCSC, Santa Cruz, USA