Graduate Student Directory

Zia Puig

Summary of Expertise

crip technoscience, posthumanisms, critical race & ethnic studies, astronomy & astrophysics, performance studies, ecocriticisms, and robotics.

Research Interests

Outer Space Colonization, Crip Futurisms, Climate Change, and Affective Technologies



Biography, Education and Training

Zia Puig (they/them) is a non-binary queer migrant writer, artist, and crip futurist born in Venezuela. They are a Ph.D. student in Feminist Studies at the University of California Santa Cruz (UCSC)— where they also work as the Program Coordinator at the Disability Resource Center, and as a researcher/artist for the Critical Realities Studio (Art & Design: Games + Playable Media). Zia's work explores issues related to affective robotics and space exploration, focusing on the study of future Mars settlements through frameworks that include feminist & crip technoscience, critical race & ethnic studies, posthumanist theories, and astronomy & astrophysics. As the co-founder of “The Queer Futures Collective” ( —they are centering on creating cultural programming, workshops, trainings, mentorship programs, and collective healing spaces to re-imagine notions of futurity and care.


Meera is a brilliant, kind, and witty rescued chihuahua from San Diego. Wise canine companion, professional jumper, and perceptive fellow—she has been working as a service dog for 3 years. She stands against the discrimination of small “service” dogs of “unconventional breed.” Dogtor in the making, Meera has also 3 years of teaching experience, has attended to 9 conferences, and has been learning at many doctor’s appointments about healing and care. Research interest: squishy toys, the smells of the forest, cats.


Image Description: black and white image of Krizia sitting on their wheelchair. Meera (service dog) is on Krizia’s lap looking at the camera. They are dressed in a black jumpsuit and a black blazer.

Honors, Awards and Grants

2018-2022 Cota-Robles Fellowship. University of California Santa Cruz, CA.

2019 Mellon IHR Grad Fellowship. University of California Santa Cruz, CA.

2019 Summer Research Fellowship. The Humanities Institute. Summer Research Fellowship. Kennedy Space Center. University of California Santa Cruz, CA.

2018 Mellon IHR Grad Fellowship. University of California Santa Cruz, CA.

2018 NWSA Travel Grant and Registration Scholarship. NWSA. Atlanta, GA.

2018 Program Assessment Award. Student Learning Outcomes and Program Assessment Committee, in collaboration with the Division of Academic Engagement and Student Achievement. Critical Reading and Writing Skills: Development of Instructor Training Materials and Student Workshop. Department of Women's Studies. San Diego State University, CA.


Selected Publications

Forthcoming, 2019 Puig, K.  & Schlauderaff, S. “Introduction to the Special Issue: ‘Fat Matter(s): The Art-Science(s) of Future Body-Making’”  Fat Studies: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Body Weight and Society. Ed. Sav Schlauderaff & Krizia Puig. Taylor & Francis.                                  In Print. 


Forthcoming, 2019 Puig, K. “Cuir Sudaca Transpossessions and Other Magical Mutations: A written retablo about the practice of healing theselves/theworld(s) otherwise” The Palgrave Handbook of Queer and Trans Feminisms in Contemporary Performance.                                    Ed. Sandra D'Urso, Tina Rosenberg, and Anna Renee Winget. Palgrave Macmillan. London.  In Press


Forthcoming, 2019 Puig, K. “The Trans/Alien Manifesto: Future Love(s), Sex-Tech, and My Efforts to Re-member Your Embrace.” Trans Studies Quarterly. Special Issue in Trans Futurisms. In Print. 


2017 Puig, Krizia. The Synthetic Hyper Femme: On Sex Dolls, Fembots, and the Futures of Sex, 2017: ProQuest Dissertations and Theses. Web. ISBN: 9780355523546


Selected Presentations

Upcoming Events 2019-2020

 AI, Aliens & Androids: Trans of Color Studies After The Human—a CRES Work in Progress (WiP) event featuring work by micha cárdenas & Krizia Puig. University of California Santa Cruz, CA. November 20th, 2019.

National Women’s Studies Association—Roundtable. Protest, Justice, and Transnational Organizing. “Are Love, Healing, and Justice Accessible to Us? Intimacy, Care, and Crip Kinship Beyond Nationalisms”.  Sub-theme 4: Transformative Justice. San Francisco, CA. November 14-17, 2019.     

National Women’s Studies Association—Roundtable. Protest, Justice, and Transnational Organizing. “LivingDying/DyingLiving—On the Practice of Becoming Extinct Otherwise”. NWSA Annual Conference. Protest, Justice, and Transnational Organizing. Sub-theme 3: Human + Nonhuman Worlds. San Francisco, CA. November 14-17, 2019. 

Past Events*

Martian Matters: Disability Justice & The Im/possibilities of Space Exploration”. 22nd Annual International Mars Society Convention. The Space Launch Revolution: Opening the Ways to Mars. University of Southern California. Germany. Los Angeles, CA. October 17-20, 2019.

“Future Love(s): Research Notes on Transformative Sex? Tech”. Diffracting AI & Robotics: Decolonial and Feminist Perspectives. Organized by Goethe University, TU Berlin, and the University of Vienna—Goethe University. Frankfurt, Germany. October 11-12, 2019.

Gender, Bodies & Technology—Conference. TechnoLogics: Power and Resistance. “The Trans/Alien Manifesto: Future Love(s), Sexual Technologies, and My Efforts to Re-Member Your Embrace” Roanoke, VA. April 25-27, 2019. 

Are Love, Healing, & Justice Accessible To Us?  Intimacy Beyond Sex and Care Beyond Survival—Workshop. Take Back the Week. Co-Sponsored by the Department of Women’s Studies, LGBTQ Studies and SafeZones@SDSU. San Diego State University, CA. April 11, 2019. 11:15am-1:15pm. 

 Society for Disability Studies Conference—Workshop. Emerging Disability Studies Perspectives: Ecologies of Care and Access on a World Scale. “Re-examining the Borders Between Us: Regeneration, Symbiosis, and The Future(s) of Self-Care.” Columbus, OH. April 7, 2019. 4:15-5pm. 

 Society for Disability Studies Conference—Performance. Emerging Disability Studies Perspectives: Ecologies of Care and Access on a World Scale. “Painful Knowledge/Knowledge in Pain.— An Elegy.” Columbus, OH. April 7, 2019. 12:30-1:30pm

Selected Exhibitions


2019 Puig, K. Curator. “The Unseen: Visions From The Spectrum” —a photographic exhibit by autistic artist Pamela Urfer. Disability Resource Center. University of California Santa Cruz, CA. April 8th, 2019.


2018 Puig, K. Curator. Queer Provenir: Our Joy/A Revolution. A Performance by LGBTQIA+ Venezuelan Artist. Artists: Leonardo Van Schermbeek and Jefferson Quintana. Commissioned by The Bass: Miami Beach’s Contemporary Art Museum for the Miami Beach Pride Parade 2018. Miami, FL. April 8th, 2018. 


Teaching Interests

Futures of Love & Sex


Crip & Feminist Technoscience

Futures of Space Exploration