Daniel Guevara

TitleChair and Associate Professor
DivisionHumanities Division
DepartmentPhilosophy Department
AffiliationsLatin American & Latino Studies,
Environmental Studies Department,
Chicano Latino Research Center
Web Site Daniel Guevara
OfficeCowell Faculty Annex 103
Campus Mail StopCowell Academic Services
Daniel Guevara

Research Interests

Kant, moral philosophy, environmental ethics, history of modern philosophy, Wittgenstein

Biography, Education and Training

Ph.D. Philosophy, University of California, Los Angeles
B.A. Philosophy, California State University, Los Angeles

Selected Publications

  • "Wittgenstein and the Philosophy of Mind," Oxford University Press, 2012, co-edited with Jonathan Ellis

  • "The Role of Intuition in Some Ethically Hard Cases," Australasian Journal of Philosophy, 2011, see also AJP online, Feb 2010

  • "The Will as Practical Reason and the Problem of Akrasia," The Review of Metaphysics Vol. LXII, 2009

  • "Rebutting Formally Valid Counterexamples to the Humean 'Is-Ought' Dictum, " Synthese Vol. 164, see also Synthese online, August 2007

  • "Kant's Theory of Moral Motivation" Westview Press, 2000

Courses Taught

Phil 1: Intro to Philosophy
Phil 100C: History of Philosophy: The Empiricists
Phil 142: Advanced Ethics
Phil 190: Kant's Moral Theory
Phil 290: Advanced Contemporary Ethics