Neda Atanasoski

TitleAssociate Professor of Feminist Studies,
Director, Critical Race and Ethnic Studies
DivisionHumanities Division
DepartmentFeminist Studies Department,
Critical Race and Ethnic Studies
AffiliationsFilm and Digital Media Department
Office337, Humanities 1
Office HoursFall 2017 By appointment
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Neda Atanasoski

Research Interests

My research and teaching interests are in the areas of U.S and Eastern European media and cultural studies, with a focus on the politics of religion and sexuality, postsocialism, human rights and humanitarianism, and war and nationalism. My book, Humanitarian Violence: The U.S. Deployment of Diversity (University of Minnesota Press, 2013), addresses the rise of U.S. humanitarian imperialism that has depended on the racialization of religious difference in places like the former Yugoslavia and Afghanistan since the end of the Cold War. I argue that the entangled notions of humanity and atrocity that follow from humanitarian mediations of war and crisis have refigured conceptions of freedom in the post-Cold War era, producing cultural narratives that increasingly participate in racializing belief systems, thus supplementing the racialization of bodies under previous imperial formations. Currently I am at work on a co-authored manuscript with Kalindi Vora (UCSD), "Surrogate Humanity: Race, Technology, Revolution." This research considers how a 21st century association of revolutionary change with the novelty of technological objects and platforms and their social effects dislodges the term “revolution” from its prior association with political and social transformation, altering the possible fields for political action.

Biography, Education and Training

Ph.D. Literature and Cultural Studies University of California, San Diego

Selected Publications

Courses Taught

124 Race, Sex, Technology
80T Religion in U.S. Politics
100. Feminist Theories
126. Images, Power, and Politics: Methods in Visual and Textual Analysis
194O. Politics of Gender and Human Rights
200. Feminist Theories
222. Religion, Feminsm, and Sexual Politics
215 Postcolonial/Postsocialist Analytics