2019-20 Gary Young Scholarship Recipients  

Since 2002, the Dizikes Faculty Teaching Award has celebrated the work of outstanding teachers and their students. The award honors the work of faculty and supports students who aspire to learning and critical thinking. Faculty recipients of the award receive a grant and designate students from a Humanities Division program to receive scholarships that recognize academic accomplishment.

For the 2019-20 award, Gary Young recognizes three of his students for their outstanding work. Here are their words:


Recipient of the 2019-20 Gary Young Scholarship


Recipient of the 2019-20 Gary Young Scholarship


Recipient of the 2019-20 Gary Young Scholarship 


“For the past two years, Gary’s book arts class has been a safe haven. Gary is not only a role model, but a strong support system to me while living so far from home. Even thought I am not in the creative writing concentration or an art major, I have been able to express myself through both my writing and the creation of many pieces of work.

I am so honored to be chosen as one of the few students to be a recipient of this award. My deepest gratitude goes to Gary for being such an amazing teacher, and I hope to continue working with him for my final year at UCSC!”