The Sol and Esther Draznin Memorial Scholarship in Classical Studies

To honor his parents and show his appreciation for the education he received, Classics alumnus James Draznin (‘77) established an endowment in classical studies.

Draznin says, “The education I received at UC Santa Cruz was exceptional, and I want to help make that opportunity available for other students.”

Lecturer, Literature Department

lia-bonver.jpgLIA BONVER
History/Classical Studies
2019-2020 Draznin Scholar

“I would like to thank the Humanities Division for the generous Sol and Esther Draznin Scholarship! I would also like to thank Kristina Chew for being an amazing teacher believing in me and my hopes of furthering studies, and the Classics Department for giving me an incredible and unique academic environment to begin what is hopefully a long career of learning. And I am really looking forward to continuing my Classics education here at UC Santa Cruz!”