The Dr. Raihan Kadri Memorial Scholarship

This award – based on financial need for a student demonstrating “a commitment to the field of Philosophical Studies,” who is recommended by faculty – is presented annually by UC Santa Cruz’s Philosophy Department.

The scholarship is awarded in memory of Dr. A. Raihan Kadri, a UC Santa Cruz alumnus and Humanities Undergraduate Research Award recipient, who passed away in 2014. His partner, Tracy Longley-Cook, established the Raihan Kadri Memorial Scholarship Award in 2015.


Chair and Associate Professor, Philosophy Department


laurel-mentor.jpgLAUREL MENTOR
2019-2020 Kadri Memorial Scholar

“Receiving the Dr. Raihan Kadri Memorial Scholarship is an immense honor, and I am deeply grateful for the support of UCSC’s philosophy
department in providing me with an excellent education in philosophy.

In my time at UCSC, I found that volunteering as a peer advisor for the philosophy program has been an incredibly rewarding experience, as I have been granted with the opportunity to support students in finding their place in philosophy. Being a peer advisor has prompted me to reflect upon those who welcomed me into the community of philosophy, and the role they played in supporting my journey and furthering my passion and commitment to philosophy.

After receiving this award, I have been led me to reflect on my deepening commitment to philosophy, and feel encouraged to pursue graduate studies. This scholarship will be of immense support in enabling me to do this. It has been an honor to serve alongside those who are dedicated and passionate about the humanities. Thank you for your beneficence and encouragement.”