The Bettina Aptheker Award for
Research on Sexual, Gendered, and Racial Violence



The Bettina Aptheker Award supports either an undergraduate or graduate student whose work relates to sexual, gendered, and/or racial violence to further their research, or to do community service.

The award was established in honor of Distinguished Professor of Feminist Studies, Bettina Aptheker, at the time of her retirement in Spring 2018. 

A radical feminist, political activist, UCSC alumna, and history scholar with a national reputation, Bettina Aptheker is one of UC Santa Cruz’s legendary professors. Having taught one of the country’s largest and most influential introductory feminist studies courses for more than three decades at UC Santa Cruz, she has exposed her deeply compelling ideas to more than 16,000 students.



Professor, Feminist Studies


Anthropology and Feminist Studies
2021-2021 Aptheker Scholar