Deans' & Chancellor's Awards 2021-2022  

2021-2022 Deans' & Chancellor's Award Recipients

The Deans’ and Chancellor’s Awards encourage and stimulate outstanding scholarship and creativity among undergraduate students, based on work developed in courses or programs in the normal pattern of 2021-2022 academic activity at UC Santa Cruz.

Ten undergraduate projects from the Humanities Division received a Deans’ Award, and three of those projects were also selected for Chancellor's awards. Congratulations to our awardees and their projects!




  • "Memories of the Blacklist Era"

    Lucy Rose DaSilva, Jewish Studies


  • "Power, Law, and Symbolism: Hammurabi’s Code over 3700 years"

    Ryan Hart, History


  • "Apartheid and the Bloody Origins of Khayelitsha"

    Rane Vigil, History




  •  "The Site and the Memorial: Hiroshima's Peace Complex in Cold War Japan

    Nicholas Mosher, History


  •  "in my briefs and opera gloves"

    Arianna Irene Nocelo, Critical Race & Ethnic Studies


  • "The Curious Female Traveler: Anna Maria Falconbridge’s Narrative of Two Voyages to the River Sierra Leone

    Chloe Seifert, History


  • "The Blood of the Nopal: A Case of Indigenous Cochineal Cultivation from 1521-1796

    Gavin Williams, History


  •  "Across Many Oceans: The Strange Journey of the Northwest Palace Reliefs

    Daithi Willis, History


  • "Pens of Iron: Echoes of the Psalms of David in Hebrew Poetry from Samuel HaNagid to Yehuda Amichai

    Maia Zelkha, History