The Humanities Institute: Student & Faculty Fellows 2021-22 


2018-2019 THI Undergraduate Research Fellows

The Humanities Institute at UC Santa Cruz recognizes outstanding student and faculty accomplishments in Humanities research, teaching, and public engagement through its annual awards. A fundamental pillar of The Humanities Institute is to nurture new, big ideas: by examining crucial questions, encouraging creative problem-solving, and thoughtful explorations, we foster graduate and undergraduate students to become the next generation of humanist thinkers and leaders. These awards highlight their achievements. 

Learn more about The Humanities Institute, which is celebrating its 20th year, on our website: THI.UCSC.EDU


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The Humanities Institute
Undergraduate Research Fellows

The Humanities Institute
Dissertation Fellows

The Humanities Institute
Summer Research Fellows
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The Humanities Institute
Public Fellows
THI Social Science Research Council Dissertation Proposal Development Program Fellows The Humanities Institute
Faculty Fellow
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The Humanities Institute
C. L. Barber Fellow
The Humanities Institute
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