Alan Christy Receives Dizikes Faculty Teaching Award

April 30, 2012

Alan Christy, Associate Professor of History and East Asian Studies Director, is the 2012 recipient of the Dizikes Faculty Teaching Award in Humanities. Both students and colleagues alike offered high praise regarding Alan's teaching skills and the positive impact he has had on students over the years.

Alan's work as a teacher has been successful on many fronts: inspiring undergraduates to do cutting-edge research, teaching graduate students how to mentor undergraduates and formulate their own research topics, guiding our staff undergraduate advisor on how best to connect with students, promoting serious collaboration with colleagues on pedagogical and intellectual questions involving digital humanities, and exploring connections between teaching and Divisional development work by attending to the importance of public history. 

John Dizikes was on hand to present the Dizikes Faculty Teaching Award in Humanities to Alan and joined Humanities faculty, staff, and students in honoring our other Humanities affiliates receiving recognition during our "Celebrating Excellence in the Humanities 2012 " Spring Awards Event on Thursday, May 3rd.

Alan presented two students with the Dizikes Student Scholarship Award: Maritza Santa Cruz and Jeffery Sun, who are both involved with the ROUTES Project. The ROUTES Project is dedicated to digital humanities learning through interconnected individual stories.

Since 2002, the Humanities Deans have provided students with the opportunity to honor the teaching efforts of faculty in the Humanities by nominating them for the Dizikes Faculty Teaching Award in Humanities. Nominations are submitted to the nominee’s department chair, who selects one nomination to be forwarded to the Dean with their endorsement The final selection is made by an ad hoc committee of peer faculty. 

Past Award Recipients: 

2002 Bruce Thompson – Lecturer in History

2003 Gail Hershatter – Professor of History

2004 Jocelyn Hoy – Lecturer in Philosophy and Feminist Studies

2005 Gildas Hamel – SOE Lecturer in Languages

2006 Jaye Padgett – Professor of Linguistics

2007 Chris Connery – Professor of Literature

2008 Jody Greene – Associate Professor of Literature

2009 Cynthia Polecritti – Associate Professor of History

2010 Daniel Selden – Professor of Literature

2011 Jorge Hankamer – Professor of Linguistics

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