Humanities Rothman Writing Award Winners Announced

July 20, 2010



After receiving dozens of submissions, the judging committee for the 2009-2010 Humanities Don Rothman Writing Award has determined 7 winners and their writing teachers.

$200: Molly Carpenter, for "Functional Creativity" (Jeff Arnett)

$50: Maribeth Rohman, for "Revamping the Renaissance: An Annotated Bibliography" (James Wilson)

Honorable Mentions Certificate: 
(Recipients will receive a modest gift certificate.)

Eric Harrod, for "Collaboration in ANGELS IN AMERICA" (Bob Giges) 
Rachel Jacobson, for "Traditional Iran, Modern Rebellion" (Virginia Benitez) 
Michele Jennings, for "Socialization Turns to Terrorization" (Mrinal Sinha) 
Keira Nolan, for "PERSEPOLIS: The Complexity of Simplification" (Bob Giges) 
Joelle Vann, for "Introducing Animals as Living, Breathing, Thinking, Feeling" (Annalisa Rava)

An award ceremony is planned for 13 October 2010 at 4:00 p.m. in Humanities Building, Room 210. Award recipients and their writing teachers will be honored.

To all students who submitted papers for consideration, thank you--and keep writing!

James A. Wilson, PhD 
Chair, Writing Program 
University of California at Santa Cruz 
1156 High Street 
Santa Cruz, CA 95064 
Cowell Office 209