Humanities Computing Resources

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Phone:  459-HELP (4357)
Walk-in:  Kerr Hall 54/62, M-F, 8 am - 5 pm

Humanities computing staff work in partnership with the Campus Support Center to provide services like email setup, software updates and network access. This partnership enables the local IT staff to focus instead on faculty instructional and research support such, web and application hosting, specialized software training, instructional design and lab support.  By utilizing the IT request ticketing system  your request can be directed with the appropriate technician and placed within view of the full complement of local staff.


Humanities Resources

 Humanities Computing Staff    
Humanities Computing Staff  
Jay Olson, Client Services Manager 831.459.5696
Angela Thalls, Digital Media Specialist 831.459.4349
Andrea Hesse, Division Liaison 831.459.3637

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