Dizikes Faculty Teaching Award in Humanities

dizikes awardSince 2002, The Humanities Deans have provided students with the opportunity to honor the teaching efforts of faculty in the humanities by nominating them for the Dizikes Faculty Teaching Award in Humanities. Nominations are submitted to the nominee’s department chair who selects one to be forwarded to the Dean with their endorsement.

Past Award Recipients:

2002 Bruce Thompson – Lecturer in History
2003 Gail Hershatter – Professor of History
2004 Jocelyn Hoy – Lecturer in Philosophy and Feminist Studies
2005 Gildas Hamel – SOE Lecturer in Language Studies
2006 Jaye Padgett – Professor of Linguistics
2007 Chris Connery - Professor of Literature
2008 Jody Greene - Associate Professor of Literature              
2009 Cynthia Polecritti - Associate Professor of History
2010 Daniel Selden - Professor of Literature
2011 Jorge Hankamer - Professor of Linguistics
2012 Alan Christy - Associate Professor of History 
2013 Donka Farkas - Professor of Linguistics
2014 Wlad Godzich - Professor of Literature
2015 Catherine A. Jones - Associate Professor of History
2016 Pranav Anand - Associate Professor of Linguistics
2017 Bettina Aptheker - Distinguished Professor of Feminist Studies
2018 Jim McCloskey - Professor of Linguistics
2019 Gina Dent - Associate Professor of Feminist Studies
2020 Gary Young - Lecturer in Creative Writing, Literature
2021 Janette Dinishak - Associate Professor of Philosophy
2022 Elaine Sullivan - Associate Professor of History

In addition to receiving the teaching award, recipients will have the honor of selecting undergraduate students who will receive a scholarship in their name.

Past Scholarship Recipients:                                                                                                                        
Joshua Townsend – 2003 Gail B. Hershatter Scholarship
Nathalie Yonga – 2004 Jocelyn B. Hoy Scholarship
Andrew P. Zawislanski – 2005 Gildas Hamel Scholarship
Gilad Gressel – 2006 Jaye Padgett Scholarship
Kenan Sharp – 2007 Chris Connery Scholarship
Rocio Claudia Osuna - 2008 Jody Greene Scholarship
Cynthia Thickpenny - 2009 Cynthia Polecritti Scholarship
Patrick Stange - 2010 Daniel Selden Scholarship
Matilda Morrison - 2011 Jorge Hankamer Scholarship
Maritza Santa Cruz and Jeffrey Sun - 2012 Alan Christy Scholarship
John Zwart - 2013 Donka Farkas Scholarship
Carrie Xiao - 2014 Wlad Godzich Scholarship
Jacob Perez - 2015 Catherine A. Jones Scholarship
Dhyana Buckley - 2016 Pranav Anand Scholarship
Abyan Mama-Farah, Mayra Contreras, and Lara Valencia-Loesel - 2017 Bettina Aptheker Scholarship    
Clara McMahan and Luis (Juan Cusó) Hurtado - 2018 Jim McCloskey Scholarship                            
Summer Al-Saleh and Issabella Nguyen - 2019 Gina Dent Scholarship
Grace Brieger, Catherine Dohrer, and Carina Muñoz - 2020 Gary Young Scholarship
Alyssa Tamboura – 2021 Janette Dinishak Scholarship
Athena Kwan, Ryan Hart, Sage Michaels – 2022 Elaine Sullivan Scholarships

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