Academic Opportunities in the Humanities

Humanities houses some of UCSC’s most celebrated and innovative departments and programs. They include:

  • Linguistics consistently ranks among the top ten programs nationally, focuses distinctively on combining theoretical and experimental work with particular attention to minority languages.
  • Literature has from its beginnings approached both literary and cultural studies from a comparative and transnational perspective.
  • Critical Race and Ethnic Studies explores how race and ethnicity have structured societies past and present, both in the U.S. and globally, and how power and domination and struggles for liberation have been articulated and enacted throughout modern history up to present day.
  • Feminist Studies, founded in 1974, is today one of the oldest, largest and most well regarded departments in the nation focusing on gender and sexuality studies.
  • History is a leader in developing a global perspective on “world history” with its focus on underrepresented and transnational areas such as East Asia, the Americas, and women’s and environmental history.
  • Philosophy trains students and fosters research in fundamental historical and contemporary ideas about logic, analytics and perspectives that frame a philosophical view of the human world—including new lines of inquiry in medicine, science, environmentalism and human rights.
  • History of Consciousness is a field that was founded at UCSC. For nearly 40 years it has operated at the intersection of established and emergent disciplines and fields, acquainting students with leading intellectual trends in the Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences.
  • The Writing Program approaches writing as one of the most important ways we have of making discoveries about ourselves and the world around us and of communicating these insights to others.
  • The Languages and Applied Linguistics Program offers instruction in ten languages and emphasizes the interdisciplinary understanding of the cultural values, history, literature, art, politics, economics, which each language reflects and communicates.
  • The Humanities Institute at UC Santa Cruz is a hub for academic research, cross-discipline collaboration, and public engagement. We incubate ideas and foster innovation by funding projects, centers, and research clusters that enable faculty and students to work on some of the biggest problems of our day.
  • The Dickens Project, founded in 1981, is a scholarly consortium devoted to promoting the study and enjoyment of the life, time and work of Charles Dickens.
  • The Linguistics Research Center facilitates research in theoretical linguistics and provides a venue for members to collaborate with other scholars at UCSC and from other institutions.
  • The Center for Jewish Studies, established in 1997, is a sophisticated combination of scholarship and learning which boasts the largest number of enrolled undergraduates in Jewish Studies at any Northern California post-secondary institution.
  • Sikh and Punjabi Studies supports teaching and research from a multicultural and global perspective that respects both the vibrancy of the Sikh community in California and the historic and current contributions made by the community.