Forrest G Robinson
  • Title
    • Distinguished Professor
  • Division Humanities Division
  • Department
    • Humanities Division
  • Affiliations American Studies Department
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    831-459-4566, 831-459-1924
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  • Office Location
    • Stevenson College Rm 272
  • Office Hours Monday 11-12, Thursday 12:45-1:45
  • Mail Stop Stevenson Academic Services
  • Courses AMST 100, Key Concepts in American Studies (fall 2010); AMST 141, The Great Book of America (fall 2010)

Research Interests

American literature and culture, the American novel (Twain, Melville, Faulkner), regional literature, California studies, popular culture, and American cultural theory.

Biography, Education and Training

B.A. English, Northwestern University
M.A. English, Harvard University
Ph.D. English, Harvard University

Selected Publications

  • Ed., with notes and Introduction, Sir Philip Sidney, An Apology for Poetry (Bobbs-Merrill, 1969).
  • The Shape of Things Known: Sidney's Apology in Its Philosophical Tradition (Harvard University Press, 1972).
  • Wallace Stegner (Twayne Publishers, 1977 - with Margaret G. Robinson).
  • In Bad Faith: The Dynamics of Deception in Mark Twain's American (Harvard University Press, 1986).
  • Ed. (with Susan Gillman), Mark Twain's Pudd'nhead Wilson: Race, Conflict, and Culture (Duke University Press, 1990).
  • Love's Story Told: A Life of Henry A. Murray (Harvard University Press, 1992).
  • Having It Both Ways: Self-Subversion in Western Popular Classics (University of New Mexico Press, 1993).
  • Ed., with Introduction, etc., The Cambridge Companion to Mark Twain (Cambridge University Press, 1995).
  • Ed., with Introduction, etc., The New Western History: An Assessment, a special issue of Arizona Quarterly No. 53 (1997). Reprinted as The Territory Ahead: An Assessment of the New Western History (University of Arizona Press, 1998).