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Gabriel Salomon Mindel

Biography, Education and Training

Gabriel Salomon Mindel is an interdisciplinary artist, musician and scholar whose research combines the study of sound and theories of power, particularly the use of noise to extend beyond the limits of the body in struggles for space and political autonomy. For two decades he has ben exhibiting artwork, performing improvised music and composing for dance and film. His writing has been published in numerous arts publications as well as The Journal of Aesthetics & Protest. Mindel received an MFA from Simon Fraser University School for the Contemporary Arts and is currently a PhD candidate in the History of Consciousness department at UC Santa Cruz.

Honors, Awards and Grants

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Selected Publications

"A Tradition of Free and Odius Utterance": Free Speech & Sacred Noise in Steve Waters' Temple | 2018 | published in Sounding Out! | co-authored with Alexander Jay Ullman

Closing Doors: Reflections on Contemporary Art, Social Space and the Domestic | 2015 | published in Breach Journal Issue 3: Anti-Institutional Rehearsal

On Hiatus: The Imminent Impossibility of the Art Strike | 2013 | published in The Journal of Aesthetics and Protest #9

The Subjective Object, or Harry Hay In The Era of Mechanical Reproduction | 2010 | published in The Journal of Aesthetics and Protest #8