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Piper Milton
  • Title
    • Ph.D. Candidate
    • Graduate Student Researcher, Center for Cultural Studies
  • Division Humanities Division
  • Department
    • History Department
  • Affiliations History of Art/Visual Culture, Humanities Institute
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  • Office Location
    • Humanities Building 1, Room 428
  • Office Hours Spring 2022: By Appointment
  • Mail Stop History Department

Research Interests

Environmental change in Colonial Mexico

Jesuit missionaries in the Spanish Empire

Climate and weather in the 17th and 18th century


Biography, Education and Training


M.A., History, UC Santa Cruz, 2020

M.A., Art History, UC Davis, 2015

B.A., Art History, University of Washington, 2012 


UCSC Teaching Assistant Experience:

HIS 2B: The World Since 1500 

HIS 9: Introduction to Native American History 

HIS 11A: Colonial Latin America 

HIS 70A: Modern European History, 1500-1815 

HIS 70B: Modern European History, 1815-Present 

HIS 100: Historical Skills and Methods 

HIS 134A: Colonial Mexico 

HIS 151B: Drugs in World History 


Instructor of Record:

AHI 130: Landscape, Nature, and Art

(Department of Art History, UC Davis)

AHI 183A: Art in the Age of Revolution

(Department of Art History, UC Davis)

INTD 123: History of Western Architecture (Department of Design, CSU Sacramento)

Honors, Awards and Grants

2022 Thom Gentle Endowment for Environmental History, Center for World History and the Department of History, UC Santa Cruz 

2022 Graduate Student Summer Residency Fellow, National Humanities Center 

2021 Pre-Dissertation Research Fellowship, Department of History, UC Santa Cruz 

2020 Tinker Foundation Field Research Grant, Research Center for the Americas, UC Santa Cruz 

2020 Summer Research Fellowship, Department of History, UC Santa Cruz 

2019 Foreign Language and Area Studies Fellowship (Nahuatl), Center for Latin American Studies, University of Utah

2019 Summer Research Fellowship, The Humanities Institute, UC Santa Cruz 

2018-2019 Regents Fellowship, UC Santa Cruz 

2013-2014 First Year Fellowship, Department of Art History, UC Davis 

2012 Honors Citation, Department of Art History, University of Washington 

Teaching Interests

Early modern world history

History of Christianity

Environmental history

Colonialism and post-colonialism

Gender, race, and labor in the early modern period 


Teaching Workshops and Certificates:

Alliance for Learning in World History and the World History Center, University of Pittsburgh: "New Approaches to Frontier History" (2022)

National Humanities Center: "Meaningful Teaching and Learning in the Humanities Classroom" (2022)