Peggy Downes Baskin Endowment for Interdisciplinary Studies in Ethics

Peggy Downes Baskin, PhD is an author, university professor, photographer and philanthropist. She graduated from Vassar Magna cum laude in 1953. Thirty years later she earned a doctoral degree in politics from the Claremont Graduate school of Government. She went on to infuse her professional career at Santa Clara University and The University of California, Santa Cruz with her core interests, originating courses on The Politics of Aging, Women & Power, and Presidential Management Styles.

Peggy and her husband Jack Baskin generously endowed a humanities fund in honor of her longtime interest in ethical issues across the disciplines, the Peggy Downes Baskin Humanities Endowment for Interdisciplinary Ethics. “There are so many areas in which ethical problems arise—in journalism, politics, medicine—and the endowment emphasizes the need to address these issues in a cross-disciplinary context,” Peggy said.

The list of all Baskin Ethics Lectures can be found on The Humanities Institute's website.