Bertha N. Melkonian Award for Undergraduate Research

The student who submits the top proposal for the The Humanities Undergraduate Research Fellowships receives the Bertha N. Melkonian Memorial Scholarship. Bertha N. Melkonian was a UC Berkeley graduate who studied and remained interested in the humanities through out life. She left a portion of her estate to UCSC to fund scholars in the humanities.

Students may submit proposals each year for the THI's Research Fellowships for research projects within humanities disciplines that will be conducted during the current academic year. Proposals are accepted each fall.

The current Bertha N. Melkonian scholar is Nitza Bernard, who is a Jewish Women's Studies independent major. Her thesis, under the direction of Bruce Thompson, a lecturer in History, is titled “Women Rabbis in America."  

For more information, please see the The Humanities Institute.