Dean's & Chancellor Award Recipients Announced for Humanities Division

May 14, 2010


Dean's Awards are granted to 50 undergraduates who have completed an outstanding senior thesis or project during the current academic year (2009-10). Each recipient will receive a $100 cash award, and will be considered for a Chancellor's and Steck Award. Winners will be honored at the Student Achievement Awards ceremony on June 4, 2010. Names of the winners will also be announced at graduation.

Below are the recipients of this year's Dean's and Chancellor Award for the Humanities Division

Dean Award: 
Corey Raymond Heimlich, Senior, Russian Language/Literature, Porter College 
Project: "Repetition is the Mother of Learning" 
Advisor: William Nickell

Caitlin Jolicoeur, Senior, History, Merrill College 
Project: "The Abolition of the Atlantic Slave Trade: The Reconciliation of Reason & Religion" 
Advisor: Greg O'Malley

Daniel Englander, Senior, History, Merrill College 
Project: "The In-Between Years: Mizrachi and Palestinian Victims in Israel's Formative Period" 
Advisor: Edmund Burke

Zack Ruskin, Senior, Literature, Cowell College 
Project: "Endangered Species" 
Advisor: Micah Perks

Johanna Heloise Abtahi, Senior, Literature, Stevenson College 
Project: "Transnational Landscapes and Topography in the Poetry of Matthew Arnold" 
Advisor: John Jordan

Lejla Mrgan, Senior, Literature, Porter College 
Project: "Addressing the Needs of the Community - The Lazarus Narrative as a Story About Grief" 
Advisor: Gildas Hamel

Sarah Oesterling, Senior, Literature, Porter College 
Project: "The Appeal of Sensation Over Reflection in 'The Lady of Shalott' " 
Advisor: John Jordan

Caitlin Canonica, Senior, Linguistics, Kresge College 
Project: "Dimunitive Reduplication in Modern Israeli Hebrew: A Detailed Account in Optimality Theory" 
Advisor: Armin Mester

Briana Brooks, Senior, History, Merrill College 
Project: "Morality and Social Order in the Great Rising of 1381: the Problem of Legitimacy" 
Advisor: Buchanan Sharp

Sara Lun Wang, Senior, Feminist Studies, College 8 
Project: "Our Investment in the Cell: New Formations of Bodies and Biological Capital" 
Advisor: Megan Moodie

Chancellor Award Recipients: 
Caitlin Canonica 
Briana Brooks 
Sara Lun Wang