Conference Room Reservations

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Please use SAFARI BROWSER only to submit or e-mail us a reqeust by using this template: E-mail template 

Please review the Humanities Conference Room Policies & Procedures before making your reservation.

To check the availability of a room on your own Google calendar, please see our Policies & Procedures document and scroll to page 8 for instructions.

Event Time and Details
Select a Room 

There is no charge to reserve a conference room but we require a FOAPAL in case we need to charge for trash or recyling left in room or damanged furniture and/or equipment.

Laptop Cart The Humanities Division Laptop Cart is available for group use in Humanities 2, Room 359. Reservation form, policies and guidelines are located at For specific requirements contact

Cleaning after events

The Event Coordinator is responsible for cleaning the room after the event. There are cleaning supplies in the conference rooms. *All trash and recycling must be removed after the event and bins relined to avoid cleaning charges*  Please return the tables and chairs to the original configuration (map on the wall) and close all windows and doors.

Access to the Room

For meetings/events during business hours, 8:00 am–5:00 pm M-F, the room will be opened half an hour prior to your event and will remain open for half and hour after.

For after hours (events after 4:30PM, M-F) or weekend events, please contact Humanities Academic Services staff at to obtain a temporary key.  If Humanities Academic Service staff are not available, please contact Humanities Facilities Coordinator, Tony Grant ( or 831-428-1733).

Key drop-off is outside ASC HUM 1.

Weekend Event?

Will you be serving food at your event?

Will your event be catered?
If so, who will be catering?

Please make sure you have completed all fields in this form as they are required. Don't forget to print this form for your record before you submit it. Just select "Print" from the File menu in your browser.

The Humanities Division reserves the right to reassign or cancel room reservations if necessary.