If a life-threatening emergency (medical, safety, chemical / smoke / natural gas smells, or fire)

Call 911

If a facilities emergency (flooding, tripped breaker, etc.)

Between 7:30am–5:00pm
Before 7:30am / After 5:00pm


Call 9-4444
Call 9-4861

To report non-emergency facilities incidents (e.g. graffiti) inside the Humanities complex, please use the Humanities Facilities Incident Report Form.

To report non-emergency facilities incidents(e.g. graffiti) outside of the Humanities complex, please either:

Call the appropriate facilities emergency number listed above, and inform Tony Grant after reporting, or email wodesk@ucsc.edu and cc Tony Grant at tegrant@ucsc.edu.

When reporting graffiti incidents, please supply a picture if possible.

Facilities request forms

Ergonomics Request Form

Notify the divisional ergonomics coordinator to help you with necessary ergonomic adjustments

ID Card & Access Code Request Form

Request an omni-code for access to Humanities facilities (for existing staff, faculty, visitors, or students)

Incident Report Form

Report a non-emergency incident or issue

Key Request Form

Request a key for access to Humanities facilities (for existing staff, faculty, visitors, or students)

Off-boarding Form

Fill out the off-boarding form for Humanities staff, faculty, visitors, or student workers

Work Order Inquiry & Request Form

Submit a work order inquiry or request; water machine-related requests should be submitted using this form

Please view the Humanities Key, Access Code, and ID Card Protocol here

Please view the standard office furniture and equipment complement provided by the Humanities Division:

Facilities Support Contact:
Tony Grant
Space and Operations Assistant
Division Ergonomic Assessor
Facilities Security Coordinator
Mobile: 831-428-1733
Phone: 831-459-4710
Email: tegrant@ucsc.edu
Mailstop: HBO