Humanities Conference Room Reservations

Thank you for visiting the Humanities Conference Room Reservations page. Please note that, effective Spring 2024, the Humanities conference rooms are no longer available for reservation for non-Humanities events. You can find additional information about the rooms and our procedures below.

Humanities Conference Rooms

Humanities Academic Services manages reservations for the following conference rooms:

Humanities 1:

Room 202: Max. capacity 40
Room 210: Max. capacity 50

Humanities 2:

Room 259: Max. capacity 50
Room 359: Max. capacity 50

Please use this form to submit reservation requests for Humanities 1-202, 1-210, and 2-259. To submit a reservation request for Humanities 2-359, which is prioritized for Humanities instruction and comes with the Humanities laptop cart, please use the Humanities 2, Room 359 Reservations form.


Only Humanities departments, units, and affiliates are eligible to reserve Humanities conference rooms. Internal Humanities departmental and Divisional events will be prioritized.  Humanities-affiliated events are welcome to submit requests, but please note that we may not be able to accommodate all requests and we reserve the right to adjust or cancel reservations if needed in order to prioritize internal Humanities needs.

Student groups may not reserve Humanities conference rooms, regardless of affiliation.

If your event is not eligible to reserve our conference rooms or if we otherwise cannot accommodate your request, please see these other campus resources:

How to Submit a Request

Please submit your request using the form below as soon as possible and at least two weeks in advance. Last-minute reservation requests will not be prioritized and may not be accommodated.

Phone reservations are not accepted. Reservations will be confirmed within three business days via email and Google calendar notification. If you have submitted a form recently and have not received confirmation, please email

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The Humanities Division reserves the right to reassign or cancel room reservations as necessary.