Humanities Conference Room Reservations


How to submit a request

Thank you for visiting the Humanities Conference Room Reservation page.

All campus administrative departments may reserve Humanities Conference rooms however, Humanities reserves the right to adjust or cancel reservations as Divisional needs are our priority. Conference Room Reservations will not be accepted for non-Humanities departments until after the official start date of each quarter in order to finalize Humanities events. Humanities Division no longer reserves conference rooms to non-humanities departments for events taking place in the evening or on weekends. Please visit the BayTree Conference Rooms as another campus resource.

Student groups may not reserve these spaces. They will be referred to meeting rooms sponsored by SOAR or Grad Student Commons for their meetings.

Please submit your reservation using the form below as soon as possible and no later than 2 weeks in advance. Last minute reservation submissions will not be prioritized and may not be accommodated.

Phone reservations are not accepted. Reservations will be confirmed within three business days via Google calendar notification. If you have submitted a form recently and have not received confirmation please e-mail



Humanities Equipment Reservation Form

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The Humanities Division reserves the right to reassign or cancel room reservations as necessary.