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UC Travel Insurance

The university has arranged for employees and students traveling on official university business to be covered for a wide variety of accidents and incidents while away from the campus or primary workplace at no cost to the traveler or their unit. Key benefits of the travel program include the UC Trip Planner, travel alerts and emergency medical services, emergency travel services, information services and security evaluation services. If travel reservations are made by an agency outside the Connexxus Travel program, or Southwest Air for Connexxus (Southwest) then trip registration is required for University related trips out of state and to foreign countries. Upon registration, the UC traveler should be provided with information to use in an emergency. Click here to register your trip at UC Away:

Can I pay for another traveler's expenses such as meals, airfare or lodging?

No. Paying expenses for another traveler is not allowed. The traveler should pay and get reimbursed or work with UCSC staff to have expenses paid in advance or directly by UCSC. 

What is the easiest way to process payment for a traveling visitor?

Pay an honorarium and do not process reimbursements. All that is required is a signature by the Department Chair/Accounting Manager/Finance Director or Assistant Dean. Check here to see who is eligible to receive an honorarium:


What are examples of non-reimbursable travel expenses?

  • Personal entertainment expenses including in-flight movies, books, magazines, newspapers, gym membership, social activities, etc.
  • Personal items including shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrush, etc.
  • Personal grooming including haircuts and shoeshine service
  • Travel costs including airfare, lodging and meals for spouses or other persons accompanying the traveler
  • Traffic fines, parking tickets, and etc.
  • Overnight lodging unless traveler is at least 40 miles from headquarters or home whichever is closer
  • Rental car upgrades unless the upgrade is free -- this should be stated and includes upgrades on insurance, class upgrades, car seats, GPS in some cases


What are examples of reimbursable travel expenses?

  • Lowest available standard airfare
  • Moderately priced lodging 
  • Travel meals
  • Car Rental and gas for rental car
  • Conference registration fees
  • Ground transportation – low cost options should be used whenever practical
  • Low cost, long-term parking options should be used for travel exceeding 24 hours
  • Internet access when used for business purpose

Where can I get travel and reimbursement forms?

The forms can be printed and completed using Acrobat Adobe Reader at These forms work best in Safari browser. if you have Acrobat Pro you can save and edit them.

How do I complete the travel advance request and post travel forms?

Please do not print out the form and fill it in by hand. Complete the forms on-line (at the location above), fill in all the information, use the drop down menus, and radio buttons so that the form populates the necessary information for the FAST office. 


What is a Travel Advance Request (TAR) ?

It stands for Travel Advance Request. There are three things you can do with a TAR: 1) get early reimbursements for out of pocket expenses; 2) request payments to vendors; 3) request a cash advance for anticipated expenses.


What form is required to request a travel advance?

The traveler should submit a travel advance form ( to the personnel that will process the travel advance.

If I submit a travel advance, when should my post travel form be submitted?

You must submit a Post Travel form within 45 days of travel.


How do I mix business and personal travel? 

STEP 1: Notify Humanities Financial Services of Your Travel Plans

Faculty/Dept Accounts: Julie Krueger, or Cameron de León,
Grant/Extramural Accounts: Alison Hansen, 

It's important to notify Financial Services prior to travel: Not all funding scenarios allow for personal travel to be on the same receipt as business travel even when business-only reimbursement is requested e.g. Federal Awards

STEP 2: A)Purchase Your Airfare & B)Obtain a Quote for the Business-Only Portion

A) Use a standard carrier/booking service or the campus travel program, Connexxus to purchase your airfare for the trip.

B) Obtain a quote from the same airline carrier/booking service for the business-only portion of your trip. This should show the direct route from point of origin to business destination (roundtrip). It's within policy to travel the day before and return the day after the event. For international flights allow for two days prior to the event and returning the day after. 

STEP 3: Submit for Reimbursement 

Submit forms for reimbursement or a travel advance. Attach actual airfare/transportation receipts along with the business-only quote: Request reimbursement for the business-only expenses.

How do I pay for airfare prior to the trip?

To make a payment directly to the vendor obtain a quote from Connexxus (UC Travel Program) or Santa Cruz Travel. The quote should show the direct route from point of origin to business destination (roundtrip). Do not include personal travel. It's within policy to travel the day before and return the day after the event. For international flights allow for two days prior to the event and returning the day after. Quotes are only valid for 24 hours -- submit your Travel Advance Form along with the quote to your accounting personnel and ask them to process it as an urgent request.

For out of pocket reimbursements, complete a Travel Advance Request form and attach the air itinerary receipt showing your name as traveler and method of payment. Submit these documents to the accounting personnel for advance pay. Submit the Post Travel form after the trip.

How do I get reimbursed for airfare after my trip?

Complete a Post Travel form and include the complete air itinerary receipt showing the method of payment.  Submit these documents to the accounting personnel for early reimbursement.

I am attending a conference, what supporting documentation is needed for reimbursement?

Submit a copy of the conference registration that shows a receipt that you registered. Sometimes you cannot provide this until you pay, if that’s the case indicate this on the form and be sure to include an agenda or program schedule.

I am a UCSC employee, and I want to drive to Los Angeles rather than fly, is this acceptable?

Your personal automobile must have the following minimum insurance coverage ($50,000 for personal injury to, or death of, one person; $100,000 for injury to, or death of, two or more persons in one accident; and $50,000 for property damage.

If you use your personal vehicle in lieu of airfare, the lesser of the following costs will be reimbursed 1) airfare plus transportation costs to/from the airport, or 2) vehicle mileage cost (use the current mileage rate) plus the cost of meals, lodging and parking while in transit.  However, a minimum of 300 miles a day must be driven by the most direct route in order to obtain the M&IE and lodging reimbursement. A daily mileage log form can be found on the Financial Affairs or Humanities Financial Services website.

This method of alternative transportation must have advance approval from Humanities Financial Services: obtain an airfare quote from UC Connexxus at least 3-4 weeks prior to your trip. Attach the airfare quote and send an e-mail to Humanities Financial Services Coordinator for review and pre-approval. Attach the quote and email approval to your post travel form.

What constitutes proper supporting documentation?

Supporting documentation is defined as an original itemized receipt or document from the vendor that contains the expense price and method of payment. Monthly credit card statements alone will not be accepted as supporting documentation.  

Always submit supporting documentation for airfare, rental car, conference registration, lodging and any expense totaling $75 or more.  


I lost my original receipts, what should I do?

For airfare, rental car, lodging, conference registration and any expense over $75, an itemized receipt is required. 

If original receipts cannot be obtained or have been lost and all measures to obtain a duplicate receipt from the vendor have been exhausted, a statement should be provided explaining why such receipts are not being submitted with the post travel form. The statement must include a certification that the amount shown is the amount actually paid and that the traveler has not and will not seek reimbursement from any other source.  This explanation should be included with your post travel form.  The Humanities Dean is required to approve this exception to travel policy.


If only a partial amount of the expense is being reimbursed, should I only list the reimbursed amount in the expense section?

No, the entire expense should be listed and provide an explanation for what expenses you are going to claim for reimbursement.

What should I do with my completed forms?

For department funds: drop off the documents to the person in your department who is processing your paperwork. 

For faculty funds: Stop by room 516, and we'll help you fill out the paperwork. Or, fill out the forms online, attach your supporting documentation and drop them off at Financial Services, 5th floor Humanities 1, room 516. Or, mail them through intercampus mail to Humanities Deans Office, Attn: Faculty Financial Services. Always keep a copy of your records.

I sent in my paperwork several weeks ago, but have not received my check. What should I do?

For department funds: Contact Humanities FAST representative, Heather Rush at or call 831-459-3623

For faculty funds: Please contact Faculty Financial Services at or call 831-459-5218

Travel Forms

Travel Advance Request (TAR)

Download Form *doesn't work in all browsers Safari is recommended

For requesting either direct payment or early reimbursement for airline, lodging, transportation and/or conference.

For reimbursement prior to the conference, please complete the form and attach all pertinent information (website, dollar amount, necessary emails, etc). All TARs must have email travel authorization approvals. 

Post Travel Expense Form (PT)

Download Form *doesn't work in all browsers Safari is recommended

For reimbursement of business-related travel expenses.

Submit original receipts for airfare, rental car, conference registration and lodging, as well as receipts for any other expense for $75 or more and attach to the completed Post Travel Expense Form. 

Mileage Log

Download Form *doesn't work in all browsers Safari is recommended

Log miles driven daily in your personal car.

Submit for mileage reimbursement in addition to the Post Travel Expense form: Record the daily total on the Post Travel Expense Form.

Moving and Relocation

Download Form *doesn't work in all browsers Safari is recommended

For reimbursement of moving or relocation expenses, including pre-house hunting and storage charges.

All original receipts and other relevant documentation must be submitted with the Moving and Relocation Form