Desk Copy Procedures


Before you place a desk copy request

Submit your book order with the BayTree Bookstore or Literary Guillotine


Submitting a desk copy request

Place your request at least 6-7 weeks before the start of the quarter

  1. Refer to the Publishers/Press Google Spreadsheet

  2. Sort your books by publishers to make the ordering process easier

  3. If filling out a web form:

    • In the delivery address section enter the address as follows:

      1156 High Street
      Mailstop: (Humanities/Cowell/Stevenson) Academic Services Room (215/224/203)
      Santa Cruz, CA 95064

    • If there is only a single address line, make sure to include a note or comment with the full address - the UCSC Mailstop MUST be included

    • If the form requires a department, enter the ASC (Humanities/Cowell/Stevenson) – otherwise, the book may be sent to your department office

    • *Section number is "00"

  4. If filling out a paper template (to email or fax):

Tips and important things to consider:

  • The publishing website or are good sources to find the 13-digit ISBN number. This will help ensure that the correct version of the book is ordered.
  • Desk copies can only be ordered for required books.
  • Publishers track desk copy requests and will not approve repeated requests for the same book. Please do not submit a request for desk copies that you have previously received. If you are ordering them for a TA, please indicate that when contacting the publishers.

Academic Service assistants are available to help. If you'd like assistance, please email HAS@UCSC.EDU.