Library Reserves

Before you fill out the library reserve form

Find the call number for the books you'd like to place on reserve

How to find a call number:

  1. Go to the University Library website.
  2. Toward the middle-right of the page, you will see the "Find Books and More" section; the default will be set to the Catalogs tab
  3. Make sure that the first drop down option is set to "Cruzcat"
  4. The second drop down is what you will use to search for the book. It is best to search using the ISBN number or the Title of the book. Click Search.
  5. You will be taken to the results page. Click on the Title hyperlink to be taken to the book's profile page.
  6. Make sure the edition/version is the one you want.
  7. Please copy down the call number.

Fill out the Reserve Book List Form

Go to the university library website and complete this form