Humanities 120 Faculty Lab Policies, Terms and Conditions

1. The Hum 1, 120 Faculty Development Lab is a division-wide resource provided for the development of Humanities Division instructional materials.  

2. The lab is for the use of Humanities faculty, lecturers and graduate student instructors with current quarter teaching appointments for the Humanities Division. Undergraduate student assistants may be permitted to use the facility when under the direction of principal investigators and/or division staff in order to conduct student work on faculty materials and projects.  A one-time access request is required for ladder and SOE faculty, annual access renewal is required for continuing lecturers, and quarterly access requests for all other teaching appointments and student assistants.

3. TAs and faculty assistants, including undergraduate student employees, will undergo the same vetting as faculty / staff in order to be permitted to use the facility under the direction of principal investigators and/or division staff. In this capacity such assistants may, or may not, work within the lab independently depending on the nature of their work. 

4. Request access from Humanities Facilities using the access request form located at

5. Workstations and equipment are reserved by filling out the workstation reservation form and the equipment checkout form. Electronic reservations help the division to understand lab usage, and to ensure that faculty get the resources that they need.  Faculty may submit a reservation request at anytime, as it will automatically update the reservation calendar.  Requests are time-stamped, therefore faculty lab requests are the definitive source of record should a scheduling conflict arise.

6. Lab workstations may be reserved for up to 4 hours each day, one workstation at a time per user. Unless otherwise reserved on the calendar, workstations are available on a first come, first-serve basis. If a station has been reserved, but the reserving lab user is a "no show" after 30 minutes, the workstation is considered free and open to the next user. If a lab user "drops in" to use an unreserved station, they should fill out a request form in order to get the workstation reserved on the calendar. If a request form has not been filled out, and another lab user subsequently reserves the workstation, the first lab user must relinquish the station.

7. If, at such time, production needs exceed the capacity of the Lab, the above policies will be reviewed and reconsidered in order to best meet the instructional needs of the Division.

8. Requests for support, training, and issues with documentation and equipment should be directed to Humanities Computing at

9. If faculty or students have questions about their eligibility for lab use, request extended lab use or have other administrative concerns, they should communicate their concerns to their Department Chair and to the Assistant Dean.

10. Lab documentation, including a list of software and hardware, policies, and links to reservation forms is located at:


Revised 5/1/17

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