Humanities Conference Room 2-359 / Laptop Cart

image of student on computer

  1. The Humanities Laptop Cart is available for group use in Humanities 2, 359. Managed by Humanities Computing, the cart has 30 MacBook Pros. These feature the standard Humanities desktop image, but other software may be requested by contacting Humanities Computing at
  2. Humanities 2, 359 room capacity is 50. Groups larger than 50 cannot be accomodated due to fire code.
  3. The Laptop Cart is for the use of Humanities faculty, as well as for lecturers and graduate student instructors with current quarter teaching appointments for the Humanities Division.
  4. Reserve the cart using this form. Include any special software installation requests. HCS will need adequate notice (at least five business days)  in order to meet software configuration requests.  The cart may be reserved for up to 5 hours each day.
  5. Faculty and GSIs should request access to Room 359 using the form at  Upon approval a six digit access code will be provided to the requester. 
  6. HCS will contact the reserver to coordinate pickup of the cart and key prior to the scheduled time, and to arrange return when done.
  7. If faculty have administrative concerns, they should direct these to their Department Chair and to the Assistant Dean.

Maintenance and Security

  1. Make sure the cart is plugged into the A/C outlet so the computers charge for the next person.
  2. Laptop batteries are long-lasting. Leave power adapters in the cart. Adding/removing adapters complicates setup, and requires additional distribution and cleanup time.
  3. Instructors are responsible for the cart and contents. Please respect the following:
  • Keep computers secured – laptops stowed and cart locked if you must leave the conference room
  • Count laptops at beginning and end of use - there should be 30
  • Log out of accounts when done – this ensures that academic work, passwords, etc are removed
  • Attach AC adapters to the computers and look for the charging light – so batteries charge properly
  • Report any computer loss or other issues right away – by emailing
  • Return the cart key to the Humanites 1 ASC

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